Ave Messer
At 501
Online information
Username ShastaB24
Characters Astral, Eiderdown, Fractal, Sparkle, Split, etc.
Company Karabear Comics
Personal Information
Real name

Kara Avalynn Messer (nee Karl Abraham Messer)

Gender Female
Ethnicity Caucasian
Place of birth Lone Pine, CA
Orientation Bisexual
Age 27
Eyes Blue/green
Hair Blond
Height 6'2"
Weight 219 lbs
Contributor to Heroes Alliance
Notable aliases Abe (to family)
Abilities Writing, low-level pencilling and coloring talents

Ave Messer is a writer and developing artist involved in the Heroes Alliance comic. Ave is a male-to-female transsexual who currently lives in Redding, CA. Her username on Drunk Duck is ShastaB24.


Ave was born in Lone Pine, which is located in the California Mojave Desert, in the middle of August. As such, she is very fond of warm (over 100 degees) and dry weather. Despite her place of birth, Ave grew up in Redding, Caliornia. She went to Humboldt State University and acquired her BA in English before moving back to Redding due to a slmping US economy. Currently she is trying to bolster her wriing and kickstart her comics company, Karabear Comics.

Ave has three siblings (two bothers and a sister) as well as a close-knit extended family whom she is very grateul for. Without their generosity, she would currently be homeless and jobless.

Writing history, interests and inspirationsEdit

Before entering Kindergarten, Ave was writing and reading, despite a lack of preschool education. She has been drawn primarily to the speculative fiction genre, admiring the works of Kurt Vonnegut above all.

Comics influences come from a variety of sources. Though enthralled by the Morrison and Pollack runs on Doom Patrol, she can't forget the influence of other writers, whether good (Alan Moore, Gail Simone, Maddie Blaustein) or bad (Rob Liefeld). Not particularly enamored with the 90s style, Ave likes to think she can write a good Silver Age-y yarn, though evidence may not back her up on this.

In any event, Ave can not get enough of the superhero genre.


Ave has written these issues for the HUniverse:

Ave has done art for these issues in the HUniverse:

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