Astral astral form

Astral's astral form. By ShastaB24.

Publication Information
Owner Karabear Comics
First appearance Karabear Comics Unlimited #5
Created by Ave Messer
Character Information
Alter ego

Colton White (nee Mary White)

Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Place of birth Arcata, CA
Orientation Straight
Age 24
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Height 5'4" (6'0" in astral state)
Weight 120 lbs (200 lbs in astral state)
Team affiliation Heroes Alliance
Notable aliases none known
Powers Astral projection, resulting in a form with flight, super strength, speed, and durability

Astral is the superhero name of Colton White, a female-to-male transsexual with astral projection powers who currently resides in Arcata, California.


Colton has lived in Arcata his whole life and knows how fortunate he is to be in a more accepting place than other parts of the US, but found himself wishing he could be more masculine from a young age. He did not know of a burgeoning psychic power and so was surprised when he first projected his astral form, which took the guise of who he most wanted to be.

Since then, he worked hard at physical manifestation and never cared to explore the more mental aspects of his powers. He gravitated towards heroics after reading comic books and quickly established a name for himself in Humboldt County and some of the surrounding areas. At one time he met Sparkle and has offered support as the other's extended family, helping Sparkle to use her gifts for the greater good, and helping teach her about the world.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Astral is like a Captain Marvel and Negative Man cross. He can project his astral form into the physical plane. This form has the powers of flight, super strength and super speed. When he is in his astral form, Colton is susceptible to attacks to his physical body. If his body is killed, his astral form will also be destroyed. As well, the astral form is incredibly susceptible to psychic attacks, being a psychic construct in itself.

Power levels:

Energy projection: 1

Intelligence: 2

Strength: 4

Agility: 3

Speed: 3

Durability: 5

Fighting ability: 2

Mental power: 1

Stamina: 5


Colton can't help but look feminine and has built up a confrontational attitude towards anybody that brings this up. He often wears bulky clothing to try and hide his feminine physique, but this hardly ever works. However, his astral form is the picture of masculinity, at least in his view. He seems more confident and relaxed in this form.

Image Created by Dynasty Warriors 8 Empire Character Editor. Alternative Design.


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