Armada by Fukujinzuke

Armada in the SHELL-based repulsor-flight exo-suit pursuing SHELL. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Armada (Musashi Fujikawa) is a villain and enemy of the hero SHELL.


Armada worked for Shuten Doji as his samurai bodyguard. Armada fought to protect his lord from SHELL and Hightide when they came to take Doji into custody for international thefts of quartzium and volucite. He failed - Shuten Doji was accidentally killed and Armada was arrested.

The Heroes Unite Commander, gave Armada a chance to redeem himself working for the Heroes Unite Initiative. He was assigned a SHELL-based repulsor-flight exosuit and armed with Doji's Volucite blade then sent as back-up to assist SHELL in a mission in North Korea. (This poor judgement was probably a result of the lingering effects of the Commander's early encounter with the demon Darkness).

Armada predictably used the mission as an opportunity to seek vengeance against SHELL. SHELL managed to destroy the North Korean missile and defeat Armada.

Following this incident and to protect the UN politically, the HU Commander retrospectively severed all ties to SHELL and abandoned him. Fortunately, SHELL was able to use the teleport beacon issued to him by Bombshell's Heroes Alliance and fled capture by the North Korean army.

Armada apparently survived this encounter with SHELL and his current whereabouts are unknown.


Armada has the ability to duplicate himself, including anything he is wearing or carrying, into multiple individuals. This includes the ability to duplicate special equipment.

When he faced SHELL for the second time he was armed with a SHELL-based exosuit and Shuten Doji's volucite sword.


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