Gabriel Peterson, Archangel, is a powerful superhero who was a member of the Heroes Unite initiative.


Archangel's Upbringing

Archangel's upbringing and escape. Drawn by LiteracySuks1. Edited (panels extracted from a larger page) by Irrevenant.

Gabriel was recognised as a powerful metahuman at a very young age. He grew up in a controlled environment being studied by scientists until he violently escaped and signed up with Heroes Unite .

In the Heroes Unite: Fury story arc, Archangel made a misguided attempt to save a girl named Alicia from what he perceived as an attempt to abuse her and turn her into a weapon (probably coloured by his own experiences as a child).

He abducted Alicia in an attempt to protect her and, when her genetic condition began to deteriorate, he abducted her father in an attempt to resolve the problem. It was then that Heroes Unite members Quantum, The Blonde Marvel and The Impractical Mr. Imp arrived to take Archangel into custody for these abductions.

Unfortunately, seeing her father threatened caused Alicia's monstrous form, Fury, to emerge. Archangel fought off the Blonde Marvel's attempts to capture him while the remaining Heroes Unite members engaged Fury.

Eventually Alicia's father was able to restore her to normal using the hypnotically encoded trigger phrase "The only love be God's love. The only wrath be God's wrath.".

Archangel submitted to being led away in handcuffs by The Blonde Marvel. It is unknown what happened to Archangel after he was taken into custody.


Archangel vs The Blonde Marvel

Archangel sending The Blonde Marvel flying. Art by Abt_Nihil.

Archangel has extraordinary telekinetic abilities, including the ability to generate forcefields, enhance his effective strength and create concussive blasts around himself. He has been identified as having the ability to effortlessly bend space-time around himself but it is unclear what the practical results of this ability are.

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