Angelblood. Art by Nepath.

Gaea, the celestial being known as Angelblood assisted the Heroes Unite Initiative.


Gaea is one of the three perfect beings called the Angelblood created by the Greek Gods to rule their realms when they ascended beyond physical form: Cathaluss (Hell), Trionus (the celestial realm) and Gaea (the mortal realm)[1].

When Energize sent Saroth to Hell, Trionus detected it and sent Gaea to Earth to investigate Energize and to decide if it was necessary to use the Black Dawn on him. Gaea enlisted the aid of Heroes Unite and the HU Commander to do so. Gaea was caught near the Black Dawn when it was activated. This stripped much of her Celestial might from her.

In the aftermath of Energize: Hunted she found herself now mortal and lost without her purpose. Tazer has offered to help Gaea as she accustoms her new lifestyle by making her a member of The New Guard.


AngelBlood - The Heroes Unite (Aftermath) - by Nepath

Angelblood from The Heroes Unite: Aftermath. Art by Nepath.

Angelblood is superhumanly fast, strong and resilient at amazing levels. She is armed (and skilled) with a sword. She has also demonstrated the ability to enter the mind of another to liberate them from mind control. Angelblood is also apparently immortal.

Following Energize: Hunted, Gaea is now mortal. She still has been shown as powerful enough to effortlessly hold up half a collapsing building.



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