Amphibios Heromachine reference art


James Lobel  was just an ordinary 16 year old boy, worrying more about school and his social life instead of the various troubles of Royale city or even the world for that matter, that was until one day on his birthday, he noticed that his legs felt stronger and he felt a strange desire to be in water frequently. It was then that his mother revealed the truth to him. He was in fact a half-alien.

His father was originally from a planet called Aquasa, a planet filled with aquatic and amphian aliens. His father crashed landed on earth, disguised himself as a human, fell in love with James's mother and bore James.

James was rather surprised and, in fact, horrified of knowing this and ran away from his home. He wandered the city until he saw a woman being mugged in an alley by three masked men. Putting on a cheap scarf and googles, he attacked the three thugs and defeated them. Realizing that his powers could be used for good and make a difference, he donned the suit of his father and became the Aquatic Hero Amphibios.


Agility and good leaping ability, can breath underwater, has suction pads on his hands, allowing him to climb almost like a gecko.