Amped confronts Energize

is a bounty hunter who pursued Energize during the Energize: Hunted story arc. She has since become a member of The New Guard.


When Energize was on the run during the Energize: Hunted story arc, she attempted to capture him for the bounty. Her attempt would have succeeded if not for the intervention of Fearless.

She later appeared working directly for Heroes Unite in another attempt to capture Energize. During this fight, it appeared that Energize had become immune to Amped's nanites and he handily defeated her, but it is unclear to what extent this battle actually occured.

Since then, Amped has become a member of The New Guard.

Alternate Future Edit

In the future, Earth is dominated by The Stormfront. In this future, Amped built a time machine that utilised Timesweep's quantum abilities and used the machine to travel back to the present time. This machine was also later used to send Titan to our time. Amped's mission was to meet Titan upon her arrival and to prepare both Titan and Timesweep for their destinies.


Amped is an unpowered human but is clearly highly-trained. She also possesses nanites. Once injected into a metahuman the nanites allow her to take control of the person's powers, or even switch them off.