Amalgam is a superhero he was a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative and is now a member of Heroes Alliance.



Amalgam. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Mr Wiles (first name unknown) was kidnapped by Mr Harding of the evil organisation C.L.A.W. (Conducting Lawless Activities Worldwide). They intended to turn him into a weapon to use against the Heroes Unite Initiative. They instilled mental programming and infused him with the combined powers of eight captured superheroes.

Unfortunately for Mr Harding, along with the powers of the individual heroes, Amalgam had also been transferred their heroic beliefs and ideals. This enabled him to easily break the conditioning.

He broke free of the facility and left.

He later assisted the Heroes Unite Initiative in bringing down David. Following this he formally joined the Initiative.

Following the breakup of Heroes Unite, Amalgam assisted Heroes Alliance in attempting to capture the fugitive criminal, the Baku.


Amalgam in action

Amalgam in action. Art by CDMalcolm (cropped by Irrevenant).

Amalgam's full powers are currently unknown. He is capable of both flight and generating powerful energy blasts.


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